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Introducing Doneasy

Start donating everywhere anytime

Doneasy is born out of a direct need. A big problem NGO’s nowadays are facing is the lack of interaction with the target audience combined with a loss of donations. We came up with a solution!

What we stand for

An interactive solution

We offer a solution with an interactive experience that allows the public to explore the world of NGO’s and other fundraising initiatives, brands and corporate entities, through engaging stories and videos, which encourage users to donate/purchase on the spot, by tapping or swiping their bank card directly at the terminal.

Doneasy interacts between content, users, and donation/purchase, incentivizing the public with content that adapts accordingly. Our patented interactive donation experience is all about the customer journey and immersing users in an increasingly progressive and interactive way.

Our mission

It is Doneasy’s mission to permanently change the way we donate and buy. Making optimal use of innovative, smart techniques and by using the best creativity, we develop resources and campaigns that can engage and persuade people.

As a result, we contribute to a better world by optimizing fundraising for charities and changing the outdoor media landscape by providing brands and companies with an immersive, efficient and effective model for impulse purchases. By continuing to learn and invest in knowledge and people, we achieve relentless growth and impact, both economically and socially.

Our vision

Empower the culture of giving. We build solutions which help raise money, so that we can improve the lives of people in need, all over the world.

Cracking the system

How it works

We are introducing THE new advertising solution for brands, corporate entities and NGOs, a unique, story-driven promotional tool, and on top of that a lucrative model for impulse buys and donations.

Interactive facial detection

When potentional donors pass by, we draw their attention with eye contact tracking and once we have users locked in, the interactive content jumps to the next level.

Passerby in proximity

Content shows why a potential donation would be beneficial. They are incentivised on the spot.

One tap/swipe payment

After donation, the content seamlessly adapts.


The participants see what their individual donation means for the specific cause. E.g. child in need - donate.

Empower the culture of giving

Take action,
help others

We solve the following problems:

  • Consumers’ growing fear of commitment
  • Skepticism about the true destination of donations
  • Ensuring a secure donation environment
  • In many countries, NGO’s can only do house- visits (collections) one week a year
  • The charity sector is lagging a minimum of 5 years behind the corporate sector in digital skills
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