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Small is beautiful

The smallest of the family; Doneasy Desk

Doneasy Desk is all about the customer journey and immersing users in an increasingly progressive and interactive way.

Specs highlights

Easy placement on any desk

High Resolution Touchscreen

For the best quality images.

Contactless Payment

Low Threshold and fast payments.

Facial Recognition and Body Tracking

Equipped with the latest tracking sensors and deep learning algorithms, our system is capable of tracking the users body position and facial expression, allowing for more engaging content and intelligent interaction.

Interactive Content

To incentivize passers-by.

High quality audio system

Works under all conditions.

Empower the culture of giving

How interaction works

We draw the attention of passersby with facial tracking and once they are locked in; the interactive content jumps to the next level. 

Specs highlights

Easy placement on any desk

A Doneasy Desk can be placed in every situation. From shops to events.
Specs highlights

High-quality audio and cooling system

Works under intense en busy circumstances.

Specs highlights

Analytics reports

Anonymous, data driven fundraising for consolidated analysis. Comprehensible reports to understand which devices, locations and campaigns are excelling. Key insights such as time and location of donation/purchase, and gender, age group plus emotions of donators.

Help us change the way we donate

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